Jesus Christ alone is the head of our church. He rules Christ Covenant Reformed by His Word and Spirit. 

He uses qualified men, known as elders, to administer His rule. Elders oversee the teaching and spiritual life of the church. Pastors are elders.

Deacons are subordinate to elders. They assist the elders in caring for the needs of the church body.

You can find the governing details of CCRC in our constitution.

pastor tedd sutton

Pastor Tedd was born in San Diego, California. Shortly after graduating High School, he joined the United States Coast Guard and served six years on active duty and seven years in the Reserves. He is married to his beautiful wife Kylie, and together they have seven children (James, Kamden, Elias- who is with the

Lord- Jedediah, Emersyn, Ezekiel, and Thaddeus).

Pastor Tedd attended San Diego Christian College and received a BA in Biblical Studies. He then received his Master of Divinity in May of 2018 from Westminster Seminary in California. He was ordained in the PCA and served as an Associate Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Holland, MI. 

In June of 2022 he and his family moved here to Billings to serve as the Pastor of Christ Covenant Reformed Church (CREC). In his free time, he loves sports, outside activities, reading, and hanging out with his family.

Elder mike elliott

Mike grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He attended church sporadically as a boy, until his parents gave up on it completely. Fortunately, God had better plans. As a young adult, the Lord called him to Himself. 

After 40+ years, Mike can attest to the Lord’s faithfulness. He and his wife have three children and many more grandchildren, all of whom love the Lord. 

It was Mike's desire to see young children raised in the fear of the Lord that led him to co-found CCRC with Ryan Yeager in 2007.

elder ryan yeager

Ryan is a third-generation Montanan and believes this is God’s country. Ryan was a founding member of CCRC in 2007 out of a desire to see a Reformed church centered on covenant renewal worship, sound doctrine, optimistic eschatology and the education of our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  God graciously saved Ryan almost 40 years ago and He is still in the process of sanctifying him!

Ryan married his lovely bride Ginny in 1998 and the Lord has blessed them with three wonderful children:  Anita (Luke) Deacon, Elizabeth and Alex.  And let’s not forget Tigs the Standard Poodle who is pretty sure she’s a full-fledged child as well.  Ryan works in HR and Labor Relations at a local oil refinery and has been employed there since 1991. 

C.S. Lewis is Ryan’s favorite author and here are two of his favorite quotes:

“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”

Elder Nathan Rieb

Nathan grew up the son of a pastor and was blessed to be raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord by his godly parents. His elementary and middle school years were spent in the Denver metro area, but if you ask him where he’s from, he will tell you Chugwater, WY, where he spent his formative high school years.

He then spent more than a decade pursuing the education and training necessary to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a surgeon. 

In His kindness, the Lord saw fit to give Lisa to Nathan as his wife more than 20 years ago. They have five children, Julia (Miles) Whitling, Jackson (Julia), Justin, Jonathan, and Moses, and a growing number of grandchildren. Along the way, through trials and triumphs, the Lord has graciously sustained and grown Nathan’s faith and love of the Word.

Deacon Michael Devaney

Mike grew up in a devout Roman Catholic family. Despite (or because of) that, he had no understanding of the Gospel. 

Providentially, as an adult, God put a Bible in an apartment Mike was renting. While browsing through it over several years, he came to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. His first church after conversion was charismatic. The second was a URCNA. It's the latter in which he came to love Reformed doctrine.

Mike is a New York native. He moved to Billings to be closer to his wife Shannon's family. They have four children and own a small business in the Heights.